Sławomir Mistewicz


Managing Partner
email: slawomir.mistewicz@kancelariagmw.pl

Graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Warsaw University, lawyer. His professional life dedicated for creating and leading companies in various professional fields, mainly as a manager in companies that he organized and co-organized. As part of its long-term practice of working and introduced on the company's market profile trading. He founded, among others, Sp. Ars. Antiqua as co-owner, Wydawnictwo Spectrum as publisher. He was a director of one of the companies within the PWN group. As a shareholder he organized and managed marketing field of company Computer Group. He is currently a managing partner in the Law Firm Zofia Krakowian Witkowska and Partners sp. k. and in the Commercial and Consumer Law Office Witkowska & Partnerzy.

Zofia Krakowian-Witkowska


Legal Advisor, Partner
email: zofia.witkowska@kancelariagmw.pl

Graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Member of the District Bar Association of Legal Advisers in Warszawa.

- long term experience in cooperation with banks,

- specialises in vindation of debts including mediation, court’s proceeding and law enforcement proceedings,

- provides comprehensive services to business entities, including advice and supporting actions to persons starting a business activity in Poland, issues related to daily activities - negotiating and concluding contracts, hiring employees

Ewa Bartnik


Legal Advisor, Partner
email: ewa.bartnik@kancelariagmw.pl

Graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Maria Skłodowska Curie University in Lublin and postgraduate student of Intellectual Property Law Studies. Member of the District Bar Association of Legal Advisers in Warszawa.

- long term experience in the field of competition and consumer protection law gained while working in the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection as a legal advisor,

- she represented the President of the Competition and Consumer’ Protection in many courts’ proceedings in anti-monopoly as well as consumers cases,

- she specializes in anti-monopoly, unfair competition, unfair market practices and consumer law,

- experienced attorney in the proceedings before the Court of Competition and Consumer’ Protection as well as other courts and administrative courts

The Law Firm cooperates with legal advisers and advocates specializing in different fields of law of supplementing the knowledge and experience of Partners.